Course Introduction. Registration and welcome coffee


MODULE 1 Reasons for M&V and getting to know each other

Definition of M&V and range of uses for M&V
M&V's role in financing and in energy efficiency projects (EPC)
M&V within ISO 50001


MODULE 2 Key Concepts

Basic definitions
IPMVP savings equations
Adjusting the observed base line energy consumption
Overview of IPMVP Options A, B, C & D
M&V Costs
A very short introduction to statistics

(Coffee break)


MODULE 3 Short Examples

A short overview of 4 cases

Option C - Building retrofit
Option D - a new building
Option A - lighting system retrofit
Option B - compressed air system retrofit

12:30 - 13:30  Lunch break (time is approximate)

13:30 - 16:30

MODULE 4 Developing an M&V Plan

Principles of M&V
Measurement boundary and interactive effects
Differences between M&V for industry and for buildings
"Cost avoidance" or "normalized savings?"
Various forms of savings computation
Choosing independent variables for routine baseline adjustments
Static factors - what are they, how do we handle them?
Sources of data
M&V budgets
Selecting the baseline period and data
Metering systems design, commissioning & maintenance
Routine procedures and QC
Reporting procedures
When to do the M&V Plan


An introduction to an exemplary M&V Plan: the School A


End of course