Training Committee

The Training Committee (TC) provides standard processes for mentoring of training programs and for approval of training material from an educational perspective.  It runs webinars and other educational activities for EVO subscribers. The TC receives reports from the M&V Fundamentals and the IPMVP, the IEEFP/Finance, the Advanced&Thematic Committees, and the Instructors Review Group.

evo tc bruce rowse120x165Bruce Rowse, Chair

Bruce Rowse, Chair of EVO’s Training Committee, is the former Chair for the Extended Training Committee which has been merged with the Training Committee.  He provides consulting and M&V training services to renewable energy and energy efficiency companies.

evo tc daniel magnet 120x165Daniel Magnet, Past Chair

Daniel Magnet, Past Chair of EVO’s M&V Training Committee, has helped to lead the development and expansion of EVO’s training program. He is a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional, a Certified IPMVP Level III and Level IV (advanced) trainer

evo tc daniele forni120x165Daniele Forni

Daniele Forni co-chairs the M&V Fundamentals Committee along with Agenor Gomes Pinto García.  He was member of the Extended Training Committee. Daniele is Chief Technical Officer of the Italian Federation 

evo liawebster 120x165Livia Miethke Morais

Livia Miethke Morais chairs the IEEFP Committee and is Senior Sustainable Energy Finance Specialist at BASE, where she develops and implements projects and programmes for financing

evo liawebster 120x165Lia Webster

Principal at Facility Energy Solutions, Ms. Webster is a Professional Engineer (PE) and a Certified Commissioning Provider (CCP). Ms. Webster graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology


Chair: Daniele Forni

The M&V Fundamentals Committee is composed of EVO Approved Instructors that teach the Introductory to M&V and the  M&V Fundamentals and the IPMVP for Energy Managers courses  that develop/update these courses' training materials. The committee also manages L2, and L3A instructors mentoring and accreditation. Members also recommend potential EVO Training Partners.  


Chair: Lia Webster

This committee is composed of experts that are developing/updating Advanced and Thematic courses training materials. The committee manages Advanced and thematic instructors’ mentoring and accreditation and identifies improvements to training material. Members recommend potential EVO Training Partners.  

Chair: Livia Miethke Morais

The goal iof this Committee is promoting the discussion of the importance of M&V when financing EE projects. The IEEFP Committee is composed of EE financing specialists that are developing/updating the International Energy Efficiency Financing Protocol (IEEFP) document and training materials. The committee manages IEEFP instructors' mentoring and accreditation and identifies improvements to training material. Members also recommend potential EVO Training Partners.