EVO is pleased to announce the release of a new IPMVP application guide: Measurement & Verification - Issues and Examples, IPMVP EVO 10300: 1:2019. The application guide presents a variety of project types and discusses the key M&V design issues arising from the described situations.

More specifically, it illustrates fifteen (15) common M&V issues that may arise during M&V efforts and how they can be addressed, as well as eleven (11) specific examples of M&V applications for various project types and M&V options. Each example shows just one IPMVP adherent M&V design, though there are numerous possible designs for any project. This guide also addresses issues common to M&V projects.

The document is premium content for EVO paid web subscribers for a period of six months. Issues-TOC.pdf. Paid subscribers can download the document by login in to their EVO account. If you do not have an account yet, you may create one by choosing one of our paid subscription options.

We wish to thank all the members of the EVO IPMVP Committee for their dedicated time and patient work in the preparation of this application guide.