EVO is pleased to announce that Mr Bruce Rowse of Australia, has accepted to chair the Extended Training Committee (ETC). Mr Rowse provides consulting and M&V training services to renewable energy and energy efficiency companies. He founded Australian ESCO CarbonetiX, selling this business at the end of 2013. Subsequently he worked as an Energy Efficiency Policy Advisor under contract to UNDP in Malaysia. He is author of Carbon Policy – How Measurement and Verification can improve policy effectiveness and holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.

The ETC is composed of M&V professionals who make recommendations to and assist the Training Committee to improve EVO’s training procedures and materials. It was created in 2015 and was chaired by Antonio Miranda of Spain. Under his guidance, the ETC clarified its terms of references and initiated work in a number of area including recommendations on standard for units (number and currencies) as well as recommendations for changes in EVO’s L3 training statistics module to make it more practical and to include tailored examples. Earlier this year, the ETC initiated the delivery of a series of master classes. To date, topics included: Using ISO50015 with IPMVP, Electricity Fundamentals, Statistics as well as an introduction to eCAM.

EVO is thankful to Mr. Miranda for dedicating his time and knowledge to advance EVO’s mission. The work of the ETC since its inception has contributed to creating and improving our technical and training materials but also established a forum where our instructors can share experiences and knowledge. Thank you Antonio for your chairmanship of the ETC.