EVO is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement with AFNOR Competencies for the delivery of EVO’s CMVP® training in France, Switzerland and Belgium. The multi-year agreement will build on many years of successful CMVP® training delivery by the Institut de formation et de services d’efficacité énergétique (IFS2E), from whom the agreement was transferred. The new agreement is effective as of February 23, 2017.

AFNOR Competencies is part of the AFNOR Group. As a national standardization organization, it is the French member of the European and international standardization organizations and is responsible for representing and defending the interests of French economic players. As a supplier of certification, assessment and training solutions, the Group has the presence and all the resources to deliver support and deploy reference solutions in over 100 countries.

For nearly 40 years, AFNOR Competencies has sought to develop innovative training solutions to help organizations improve their understanding and use of frames of reference – standards, regulatory requirements – and thereby improve performance.

The French market leader in training on management systems (quality, safety and environment), associated methods, audit and assessment, AFNOR Competencies also delivers technical training for organizations involved in industrial performance, sustainable construction and real estate.

AFNOR Competencies offers more than 520 inter-enterprise training programmes in 12 training centers across the world and trains over 11 000 individuals every year. EVO is honoured to count AFNOR Competencies amongst its training Afnor Competencepartners.