Q: I have a question about which IPMVP Option most closely aligns with our M&V strategy. To perform M&V at our customer's sites, we install submeters to monitor and track the energy use of the addressed equipment/systems and aggregate that interval data to measure the energy savings. The percentage of whole building energy use captured by our submeters can vary building-to-building based on the impact of the addressed equipment/systems on whole building energy use. Rarely does the estimated energy savings of our projects fall below 5% of baseline whole building energy use. Based on our interpretation of IPMVP, we believe our M&V strategy most closely aligns with Option C because we are performing site-level M&V calculations using our aggregated submetering interval data. Is this interpretation correct? If not, which IPMVP option would most closely align with our M&V strategy?

A: Based on the above description of your M&V strategy, since you are describing the measurement boundary for the sub-meters NOT specifically at the EEM level, this approach would conceptually align with an IPMVP Option C Whole Facility approach - assuming your submeters will also be measuring non-EEM level energy consumption and demand, and associated potential changes, which must be accounted for in the details of the savings calculation methodology.
Please refer to the current IPMVP Core Concepts Chapter 8 for more guidance in selecting IPMVP Options as well as Chapter 9.3 regarding Option C applications and methodology.