Q:  I have a question about which IPMVP Option best aligns with our M&V strategy. We provide turnkey energy efficiency services to our commercial and industrial customers across their real estate portfolios. Our M&V strategy is to install submeters at each building to monitor and track the energy use of equipment/systems we address during our projects. For example, if we are only replacing 3 of the 5 packaged rooftop units at a retail building, then we will install submeters to only those 3 packaged rooftop units we replaced. To measure energy savings we aggregate our interval submeter data to eliminate potential impacts the non-addresses equipment/systems may have on our measured savings. Based on our interpretation of IPMVP, we believe our M&V strategy most closely aligns with Option C because we are using our aggregated submeter data to measure savings at a building-level. Is this interpretation correct? If not, which IPMVP Option most closely aligns with our M&V strategy?

A: Based on the above description of your M&V strategy, since you are describing the measurement boundary for the sub-meters at the EEM equipment specific level, this approach would conceptually align with an IPMVP Option B Retrofit Isolation approach - assuming all parameters are being measured.
Please refer to the current IPMVP Core Concepts Chapter 8 for more guidance in selecting IPMVP Options as well as Chapter 9.2 regarding Option B applications and methodology.