Q: We are working on a project in a drought prone village in India to improve energy and water use efficiency and water availability for pumping; both for irrigation and drinking water.

Since energy-water-food nexus is complex , the energy and water savings and their impact on population cannot be measured and verified using existing IPMVP standards. Is there a special edition of IPMVP for agriculture? Any advice?

A:While IPMVP can offer guidance regarding the energy and water efficiency improvements and the verification of the associated savings, the associated impact on the population is beyond the scope of what IPMVP can offer. IPMVP can provide guidance regarding measurement of improved pumping systems, various water reduction efforts as well as the measurement of potential solar PV systems employed to assist in these projects. Quantification of non-energy benefits and other externalities can be complex as stated above. Recommend reaching out to the World Bank and other programs such as the Clean Development Mechanism to help in quantifying any associated emissions reductions.