Q: estimating the man hours required to deploy sensors and take readings

A: In order to estimate the labor hours required to deploy sensors/metering equipment, there are quite a few items to consider including, but not limited to, the following:
- Overall purpose and intent of the measurement activity
- Type of sensor and complexity of the device and associated deployment/installation
- Is the deployment of the sensor/device non-intrusive or intrusive to the equipment being monitored?
- A non-intrusive sensor/device, such as a motor logger, can be simply and quickly deployed on the motor. Intrusive devices, such as sensors to be installed within an operating AHU, would require more planning and labor hours including potentially planning for multiple personnel to deploy the device.
- Safety requirements also need to be considered to ensure that proper qualified personnel are involved in the installation such as deployment of electric meters or CTs. Also ease of access to the equipment or area to be monitored.
- Quantity of sensors/devices.
- Facility access requirements. Need to determine if the facility where devices are to be deployed require escorts and/or other access and coordination activities.
- Data collection/retrieval process. Will the device have remote data collection abilities or will the data need to be retrieved manually at the site?
- Duration of deployment. In addition to the data collection items above, short term vs long term requirements need to be taken into account.

There are industry guidance documents available, such as ASHRAE 14 Guideline, to assist in determining measurement plans and selecting appropriate sensors/measurement devices to further assist in estimating labor hours for the effort.