Q: I am currently working on the reduction of electrical or thermal power in building rehabilitation. I would have liked to know if you had any documentation on this subject. In particular, either feedback on similar actions or methods of measurement and verification.

A: Assuming that "building rehabilitation" means significant changes and modernization or improvements to the building and/or systems. (In the United States, this is referred to as "deep retrofits" which is not any clearer, in my opinion.) If that is the correct meaning, then a likely approach for M&V would be IPVMP Option C. Software that can help with the analysis for IPMVP Option C is ECAM, which is available in French as well as English. Contact Paul Calberg-Ellen at Biomasse Normandie or Sidonie Michel at Observatoire Régional Energie Climat Air Normandie to find out how to obtain the French version of ECAM.