Raj 120x165sept 2020Rajvant Nijjhar

With over 20 years of experience in the water, construction, and energy and sustainability industries, Rajvant has a plethora of experience from winning multi-million pound projects, to managing teams, through to the delivery of energy related projects.

Currently, she is the project lead for an Innovate UK Industrial Research project to develop an end to end trading solution in London’s South Bank called BankEnergi III, as well as the commercial lead on the GreenScies project, looking at the various commercial model available for energy and flexibility trading.

In addition, she also operates the independent measurement and verification of energy efficiency savings company, ivees where she is involved in the delivery of M&V services for energy performance contracts. She has to date, trained over 800 individuals globally in measurement and verification and remains involved as the BSI expert in developing International (ISO) standards in the areas of energy management systems.

Contact: rajvant@ivees.co.ukwww.ivees.co.uk