EVO News

EVO is pleased to announce that Philip Coleman has joined the EVO board of directors in September 2018. Philip is a research analyst and program manager in the Sustainable Federal Operations Group of the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  He helps design and deploy federal energy conservation initiatives, primarily on behalf of the Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP).

EVO is pleased to welcome a new national training partner for Mexico, AMENEER, the Mexican Association of Energy Efficiency Companies. This new agreement is an outcome of meetings held between EVO’s Director of Programs, Monica Perez Ortiz and energy efficiency stakeholders in Mexico. Measurement and Verification (M&V) training sessions will be offered later this year.

EVO’s chairman, Pierre Langlois, is pleased to announce the recent nomination of Ms. Patty Fong as a member of the Board of Directors of EVO. Patty Fong is the Director of the Energy Efficiency Initiative and a member of the European Climate Foundation Strategic Council. Patty co-founded and serves on the board of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe, a European policy think tank dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings.

EVO is pleased to announce the release of a new application guide Uncertainty Assessment for IPMVP (EVO 10100: 1:2018). This new document is a revised and expanded version of the Statistics and Uncertainty for IPMVP (EVO 10100 1:2014) application guide published in 2014. The new application guide includes examples for each of the four IPMVP options.

An article by EVO’s Executive Director was published today in the IPEEC (International Partnership) for Energy Efficiency Cooperation) newsletter.

Appointment of a New Board Member

EVO is pleased to announce the nomination of Laura Van Wie McGrory to the Board of Directors of EVO effective December 2017. For more than two decades, Laura has been managing international energy efficiency projects in the United States, Asia, Africa, SE Europe and Latin America.

EVO is pleased to announce that Ms. Yamina Saheb has joined the Board of Directors of EVO. Ms Saheb is Senior Energy and Climate Policy Analyst at the Paris (France) based OPENEXP where she contributes to the development of narrative and evidence to support Efficiency First Principles.

EVO is pleased to announce that Mr Bruce Rowse of Australia, has accepted to chair the Extended Training Committee (ETC). Mr Rowse provides consulting and M&V training services to renewable energy and energy efficiency companies. He founded Australian ESCO CarbonetiX, selling this business at the end of 2013. Subsequently he worked as an Energy Efficiency Policy Advisor under contract to UNDP in Malaysia. He is author of Carbon Policy – How Measurement and Verification can improve policy effectiveness and holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.

EVO is pleased to announce that the Regulatory & Supervisory Bureau for Electricity & Water of the Government of Dubai has recently joined the select group of EVO’s organizational supporters.

The IPMVP Core Concepts 2016 was recently translated and released into French. EVO wishes to recognize the work of Mr. Paul Calberg-Ellen and Mr Daniel Magnet for the translation and the revision of this document in French. Paul is a member of EVO’s Extended Training Committee and Daniel is the Chairman of EVO’s Training Committee. The document is now available for download in the Subscribers’ section on EVO’s website.

EVO is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement with AFNOR Competencies for the delivery of EVO’s CMVP® training in France, Switzerland and Belgium. The multi-year agreement will build on many years of successful CMVP® training delivery by the Institut de formation et de services d’efficacité énergétique (IFS2E), from whom the agreement was transferred. The new agreement is effective as of February 23, 2017.