EVO is pleased to announce the publication of an updated International Energy Efficiency Financing Protocol (IEEFP). The objective of the IEEFP is the successful scaling up of investment in building energy efficiency projects through improving the ability of project developers to unlock funds from private banks and investment funds.

The IEEFP provides a simple and easily understood framework for credit officers to facilitate their understanding of the key elements needed to evaluate and offer attractive loans to building owners, energy services companies, and other potential developers and implementers of energy efficiency projects.

The IEEFP is not a training manual. However, "through this Protocol update, EVO has also developed a training program which was successfully piloted in 2020 involving trainees from Canada and Mexico," said Mark Lister, EVO's Chairman.

The update of the IEEFP and the accompanying training program's development was made possible by a financial contribution from the Government of Canada's Department of Natural Resources. As part of the project, EVO developed a specific annex reflecting Canada's regulatory environment. "EVO is now actively seeking interest from other governments interested in accelerating energy investment, in working with us, develop further country-specific materials, and deploy the IEEFP training program," added Mark Lister.

The Protocol was initially developed in 2009 through a United Nations project that EVO sponsored. A broad group of experts in energy efficiency and finance met to discuss barriers to funding energy efficiency projects. A consensus was reached that a financing protocol could bridge the gap between funding sources and their financing of energy efficiency projects.

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For inquiries about IEEFP training, please contact our Training Director, Desislava Borisova.