EVO has identified the need for guidance on the application of the IPMVP Option D and will be establishing an IPMVP Subcommittee to address the needs. For this reason EVO is calling out for M&V field experts with experience on this topic to join the group.

The subcommittee will be chaired by Paul Calberg-Ellen, EVO's ETC member and EVO Approved Instructor, and Jeanne Goffart, with participation of full IPMVP Committee members and M&V field experts willing to join.

Scope: The subcommittee would like to provide guidelines for practitioners wishing to apply the IPMVP Option D. The main objective of this subcommittee is exchanging and discussing the practical field experience of each member as well as the theoretical/academic aspects to lead to the drafting of a guide for option D. Subcommittee focus area includes: data requirements, constraints, feasibility of calibration, steps for model checking and validation, process of implementation, in relation with contract constraints (EPC), etc.

Should you be interested in joining this group, please contact Paul Calberg-Ellen at p.calberg-ellen@biomasse-normandie.org and Jeanne Goffart at jeanne.goffart@gmail.com and send an interest letter stating your experience and the reasons why you think you are a good fit to participate in this effort no later than February 1st,  2021. Once the chairs review the information they will be contacting you to inform their decision.

This subcommittee work as other EVO volunteers efforts will be carried out virtually, through conference calls and email exchange.