Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) is pleased to announce the release of an important document to support measurement and verification (M&V) of energy savings projects: IPMVP Application Guide on Non-Routine Events and Adjustments.

Non-routines events (NREs) represent a key risk element for energy efficiency projects using meter-based M&V methods since NREs that go unaccounted for can introduce unacceptable levels of error and skew reported savings making them less meaningful. Moderating these risks is paramount when M&V is the basis for monetary transactions, including energy service company (ESCO) projects and ‘pay for performance’ utility projects and programs.

“While EVO initiated the work on this document about a year ago, its release during the COVID-19 pandemic underscores its relevance, as we globally experience one of the most far-reaching non-routine events of recent times,” said Mark Lister, EVO’s Chairman. While the IPMVP Core Concepts provide an overview of NRAs relative to M&V projects, “this application guide expands on the topic and makes IPMVP even more relevant to market needs, by providing a variety of solutions on how best address NREs,” added Mr. Lister.

This document fills an industry gap related to the identification of NREs and applying non-routine adjustments (NRAs). It provides specific guidance for practitioners for M&V strategies employing regression-based energy models – an increasingly utilized approach on projects using advanced meter-based M&V techniques. “With the widespread adoption of advanced M&V, it was imperative to highlight potential NREs and to de-mystify making NRAs. By providing substantial technical detail, it is our hope that the industry can adopt best practices that will further the promise of AM&V,” said Lia Webster, the lead author of this new guide.

EVO is thankful to the Bonneville Power Administration and to Seattle City Light for their financial support. Without their much-appreciated contributions, this project would not have been possible.

In conjunction with the release of this important document, EVO is organizing a webinar series on managing impacts from covid-19 in meter-based M&V. For more information on these webinars, please consult the events section on EVO’s website at https://evo-world.org/en/news-media/industry-events

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