EVO is pleased to announce the release of a white paper entitled IPMVP’s Snapshot on Advanced Measurement & Verification. This paper represents an overview of advanced measurement and verification (M&V) technical state of the art and current industry activities.

This release provides the groundwork for EVO’s upcoming IPMVP Application Guide on advanced M&V strategies, which is scheduled for publication in Spring 2020.

Advanced M&V, or M&V2.0, has been a hot topic among M&V practitioners in recent years. The interest for advanced M&V was spurred by the rapid adoption of M&V software and analytic methods utilizing whole-building high frequency metered energy use data generated by advanced electric meters. This rapidly evolving topic also triggered research, technology development, regulatory mandates, and pilot-level program deployment of advanced M&V methods.

Despite this, there are many pending questions and misconceptions among the different stakeholders of advanced M&V. To address these issues, an in-depth review regarding the proper application and technical challenges as well as the alignment of advanced M&V approaches with best-practice M&V principles was needed.

The white paper provides background on advanced M&V, including drivers and use cases. It highlights recent research findings, regulatory actions, and some utility pilot programs. It discusses the technical developments in advanced M&V tools, including the introduction of open-source methods and the launch of EVO’s tool testing portal.

The upcoming IPMVP application guide on advanced M&V will discuss the appropriate use of advanced M&V methods, the identification of non-routine events and the application of non-routine adjustments. The guide will also reflect the implications of the changing industry on M&V and adhering to IPMVP principles when using advanced methods.

This issue has been on EVO’s IPMVP technical committee radar for many years. In June 2018, the board of directors of EVO set aside a budget to accelerate the development of an IPMVP application guide on advanced M&V. Further contributions from the Bonneville Power Administration, Seattle City Light, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory through work supported by US DOE are making this project possible.

If you have any questions or wish to participate in future work related to advanced M&V, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to access the white paper.