EVO is pleased to announce the publication of a revised version of its application guide Uncertainty Assessment for IPMVP (EVO 10100: 1:2019).

This new document is an update of the previously expanded version published in 2018 as Uncertainty Assessment for IPMVP (EVO 10100: 1-2018)

The purpose of this updated publication was to harmonize its content with EVO’s three-day course on M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP for Energy Managers. Consequently, all statistical definitions and terminology, notations, equations, and other mathematical formulas have been revised to match the training material.

Also, some minor editorial changes have been made throughout the document and footnotes added in some sections. EVO would like to thank the IPMVP Uncertainty Assessment sub-committee for the sustained efforts deployed in the upgrade of this application guide.

The document is now available for download in the Library for all EVO web subscribers.