October 2018 - M&V Focus Issue # 3

In this issue, Kevin Warren, the chair of EVO’s IPMVP sub-committee on EM&V provides additional insights on deemed savings in response to a previous article on this topic published in the June 2018 issue of M&V Focus. We also present part 1 of a two-part article on measurement boundaries in M&V projects. This article prepared by Agenor Garcia and Bruce Rowse explores the concept of the measurement boundary and its impact on independent variables, static factors and interactive effects in an M&V project. Zlatko Gjrchinoski is sharing a field experience on non-energy benefits gained from the implementation of an energy management system at the Vardar Dolomit Gostivar Facility. Nick Keegan reports on industry survey results showing that good M&V practices are on a positive trend in the UK. Finally, Geert Goorden outlines the framework of the QualitEE project and shows how quality assurance schemes and M&V in buildings could potentially increase investment in energy efficiency.


evo globe 25x25 Part 2 of "Establishing Measurement Boundaries in M&V Projects" by Agenor GARCIA and Bruce ROWSE.

evo globe 25x25 "Coupling Intelligent Metering with M&V" with non-intrusive load monitoring by Antoine GUBANSKI, Laura SALEZ, Christophe RODRIGUEZ et Jean-Benoit LAFOND.

evo globe 25x25 A presentation of RETScreen Expert and it's use in M&V projects.

evo globe 25x25 The results of EVO's energy efficiency performance measurement and verification survey.

evo globe 25x25 ...and more!