October 2018 - M&V Focus Issue # 3

In this issue, Kevin Warren, the chair of EVO’s IPMVP sub-committee on EM&V provides additional insights on deemed savings in response to a previous article on this topic published in the June 2018 issue of M&V Focus. We also present part 1 of a two-part article on measurement boundaries in M&V projects. This article prepared by Agenor Garcia and Bruce Rowse explores the concept of the measurement boundary and its impact on independent variables, static factors and interactive effects in an M&V project. Zlatko Gjrchinoski is sharing a field experience on non-energy benefits gained from the implementation of an energy management system at the Vardar Dolomit Gostivar Facility. Nick Keegan reports on industry survey results showing that good M&V practices are on a positive trend in the UK. Finally, Geert Goorden outlines the framework of the QualitEE project and shows how quality assurance schemes and M&V in buildings could potentially increase investment in energy efficiency.


By Nick Keegan*

Since 2012, EEVS Insight and Bloomberg NEF have been surveying the views of UK energy efficiency suppliers and consumers produce the quarterly Energy Efficiency Trends report. The most recent survey (Q2 2018) showed that over 60% of respondents are reporting use of ‘good practice’ performance measurement and verification for their energy efficiency projects, which is a considerable increase on only 20% reporting this when the survey began six years ago. What’s also encouraging is that the proportion of respondents claiming they ‘don’t know’ what good practice M&V is has dropped from 45% to 19% over the same period.

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One factor that may be influencing the increase in use of M&V is an apparent growth in project sizes; an estimate of the median investment size reported in the survey has risen from £64,000 to £367,000 between 2012 and 2018, leaving more room in project budgets to accommodate M&V costs.

If you are an energy efficiency supplier, consultant, consumer or financier based in the UK we would like to invite you to participate in the Q3 2018 survey at this link. For only five minutes of your time you will be making a meaningful difference to the results – and the more responses we get the more robust the research will be. So please do also pass this on to other organisations you think might be interested. In return, we will send you a copy of the updated Q3 report direct to your inbox.

To read past reports - that cover useful metrics such as technology trends, paybacks and financing - please visit www.energyefficiencytrends.com

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(*) Nick Keegan CEM CMVP, Senior Consultant at EEVS Insight.

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