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EVO's Mission is carried out by many volunteers, Training Partners and "in kind" supporters EVO, a Non-Profit Corporation, is financially supported by voluntary contributions from generous organizational Subscribers made up of utilities, private corporations, industry associations and public bodies, as well as 110 Individual Subscribers (as of January 2012). With such support from around the world, EVO will continue to promote its Vision and implement its Mission using its Strategies.

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The Global Community benefits from our Products and Services, website and Library . Therefore we encourage Community members to sustain these benefits by becoming EVO Subscribers. EVO suggests contribution classes reflective of the financial capability of Community members. EVO shows its Appreciation to any Subscriber, based on the class of its contribution, as noted below.


Subscriber Class
Suggested Annual Subscription (US$)
EVO's Appreciation
Annex 1*
Non-Annex 1*
1 Individual Subscriber Appreciation Package**
Non-Profit or Educational Institution
5 Individual Subscriber Appreciation Packages** + 1 Organizational Subscriber Appreciation Package***
Government, Regulator, Government Agency (not energy supplier) Small Gov. Population <= 10 million
Large Gov. Population > 10 million
Corporation, Energy Supplier Associate Annual Revenue < US$ 15 million
Senior Annual Revenue US$ 15-100 million
Primary Annual Revenue > US$ 100 million
10 Individual Subscriber Appreciation Packages** + 1 Organizational Subscriber Appreciation Package***
> 25000

* Based in an Annex 1 country, as defined in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

** An Individual Subscriber Appreciation Package consists of:
*** An Organizational Subscriber Appreciation Package consists of:
- One Login ID/Password for access to "Subscriber only" documents on EVO's Website;
- EVO's Quarterly e-Newsletter ("e.Valuation"), and occasional important EVO news flashes;
- Discount on EVO events such as CMVP training sessions;
- One professional credit per year towards renewal of CMVP certification
- A listing of the Subscriber on EVO's website;
- A listing of the Subscriber in any edition of a core EVO publication released during the subscription period;
- Logos of Primary and Sustaining Subscribers on the homepage of EVO's website; and
- For Subscribers supporting EVO at an Annual Rate higher than their Class. EVO may provide additonal Appreciation, established on a case by case basis
EVO Subscribers demonstrate to the Global Community their interests in promoting the proper quantification and reporting the results achieved by end-use energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water efficiency actions.

To become an EVO Subscriber, Individuals can subscribe on line by credit card or "Paypal." All others should contact Monica Perez Ortiz at subscribe@evo-world.org.

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