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To help move the basic methods in the IPMVP into real applications, EVO provides training at various levels for a variety of audiences. We draw on the expertise and experience within EVO, around the world, to provide M&V training tailored to the needs of different regions, where no other suitable training is available.

Energy efficiency projects around the world have many basic similarities, and can all benefit from M&V. Nevertheless local M&V training must recognize local techniques, technologies, materials, prices, expertise and budget. In order to increase international investment in energy efficiency projects, EVO’s instructors highlight the internationally common elements, while tailoring the presentations to local realities.

Though EVO provides the IPMVP freely to all, in order to provide training for specific audiences EVO charges nominal fees for use of its training materials, trainer services and expenses.


M&V Workshops

EVO approved instructors
customize EVO’s training materials to local needs. Training mixes fundamental theory with practical applications and worked examples. It is presented in a way that promotes interaction with participants. Basic workshop lengths, topics and target audiences are outlined below, but may be modified to suit attendee needs and interests. Attendees are given a printed copy of the presentation materials and the IPMVP.

One-Day Introductory Workshop

The one-day workshop introduces the basics concepts of M&V and the IPMVP. It highlights the purposes of M&V, summarizes the range of possible M&V methods, and points out the need for specific M&V design for each project.

The program is designed for management, financial, regulatory and technical persons needing basic understanding of the role of M&V in supporting energy efficiency investments.

This program may be given in a more compact form in a half day.

Two and a Half Days Fundamentals Workshop

The 2.5 days workshop begins with the One-Day introductory topics. It continues with details on preparing an M&V Plan, and more worked examples of the basic methods of Retrofit Isolation, Whole Facility, and Calibrated Simulation. The program also provides an overview of the role of M&V in Emission Trading, and ample opportunity for participants to practise methods and debate issues.

The program of this workshop covers 18 hours training content and is geared to the typical knowledge level and needs of:

performance contractors,
energy auditors wanting to expand their expertise into verification roles,
large energy users who might use performance contractors,
large energy users interested in getting a better understanding of their energy budgets and being able to explain significant variations and fluctuations in energy use, and
energy efficiency program designers and mangers for utilities or governments.

Though material is presented at a fundamentals level, our instructors encourage questions and dialogue with M&V experienced persons attending the course to consolidate their knowledge and polish their skills.

This workshop is good preparation for those taking the four hour exam which is part of the Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) program.

To ensure appropriate levels of trainer/participant interaction and "hands-on" involvement, the preferred maximum attendance is 30 participants for the two-day workshop.


M&V Training Course Dates



Three Day Training Course Dates

Scheduled with the Association of Energy Engineers:

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For more details and to register, click here. EVO subscribers are entitled to a discount on 2.5-day training courses in the U.S. scheduled with AEE – find out more here. If you are attending a training outside the U.S., contact the local training provider for any possible discounts.


Scheduled with the Canadian Institute for Energy Training:

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For more details as these dates are confirmed, and to register, click here

Other trainings:

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One Day Training Course Dates

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M&V for Educators and Experts Training


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