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The IPMVP library of documents consists of the various volumes of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). The IPMVP provides an overview of current best practice techniques available for verifying results of energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy projects in commercial and industrial facilities. It may also be used by facility operators to assess and improve facility performance.

Energy conservation measures (ECMs) covered in the protocol include fuel saving measures, water efficiency measures, load shifting and energy reductions through installation or retrofit of equipment, and/or modification of operating procedures.

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IPMVP® is registered trademark of Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO®).

The IPMVP is published in two current Volumes and one archived Volume. All Volumes are available for free download from the “Newly Released”, "Existing", or "Archives" sections below. See the overview of IPMVP and for a list of all available IPMVP Volumes, click here.

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Newly Released



IPMVP Core Concepts

  This copy is a new and reduced version of 2012 IPMVP Vol. I without all the applications that EVO will subsequently publish in separate documents.;
  English - EVO 10000 - 1:2014
  IPMVP Core Concepts Applications
  Statistics and Uncertainty for IPMVP – EVO 10100 – 1:2014 (En)
    This is a brief discussion of the key statistical concepts typically used with the IPMVP Core Concepts



Latest Versions



Concepts and Options for Determining Energy and Water Savings - Volume I

  Volume I defines basic terminology used in the M&V field. It defines general procedures to achieve reliable and cost-effective determination of savings. Verification of actual savings is done relative to an M&V Plan for each project. This Volume is written for general application in measuring and verifying the performance of projects which improve energy or water efficiency in buildings and industrial plants.
  Brazilian - EVO 10000 - 1:2012
  Bulgarian - EVO 10000 - 1:2010 (BG)
  Catalan - EVO 10000 - 1:2009 (CAT)
  Chinese - EVO 10000 - 1:2007 (CN)
  Croatian - EVO 10000 - 1:2010 (HR)
  Czech - EVO 10000 - 1:2010 (CZ)
  English - EVO 10000 - 1:2012
  French - EVO 10000 - 1:2012;
  German - EVO 10000 - 1:2012
  Polish - EVO 10000 - 1:2010 (PL)
  Portuguese - EVO 10000 - 1:2009 (PT)
  Romanian - EVO 10000 - 1:2010 (RO)
  Russian - EVO 10000 - 1:2010 (RU)
  Spanish - EVO 10000 - 1:2010 (ES)


Applications - Volume III

  Volume III provides guidance on application - specific M&V issues.


  I - Concepts and Practices for Determining Energy Savings in New Construction
  Bulgarian - EVO 30000 - 1:2006 (BG)
  Croatian - EVO 30000 - 1:2006 (HR)
  Czech - EVO 30000 - 1:2006 (CZ)
  English - EVO 30000 - 1:2006
  Polish - EVO 30000 - 1:2006 (PL)
  Romanian - EVO 30000 - 1:2006 (RO)


  II - Concepts and Practices for Determining Energy Savings in Renewable Energy Technologies Applications, 2003





The IPMVP was first published in 1996 (under the name NEMVP) and has since gone through several revisions. As a living document, every new version of IPMVP incorporates changes and improvements reflecting new research and improved methodologies. Earlier versions of IPMVP are in this Archives section.


Concepts and Options for Determining Energy and Water Savings Volume I

  Brazilian - EVO 10000 - 1:2010 (BR)
  Brazilian - EVO 10000 - 1:2007 (BR)
  Chinese, 2002
  English - EVO 10000 - 1:2010
  English - EVO 10000 - 1:2009
  English - EVO 10000 - 1:2007
  English, 2002
  French - EVO 10000 - 1:2010 (FR)
  French - EVO 10000 - 1:2009 (FR)
  French - EVO 10000 - 1:2007 (FR)
  French, 2002
  Italian, 2002
  Polish - EVO 10000 - 1:2007 (PL)
  Portuguese - EVO 10000 - 1:2007 (PT)- draft
  Portuguese, 2002
  Spanish - EVO 10000 - 1:2009 (ES)
  Spanish - EVO 10000 - 1:2007 (ES)


Concepts and Options for Improved Indoor Environmental Quality - Volume II, 2002

  Volume II reviews indoor environmental quality issues as they may be influenced by an energy efficiency project. It focuses on measurement issues and project design and implementation practices associated with maintaining acceptable indoor conditions under an energy efficiency project. It advises on measurement methods for verifying that indoor environmental quality remains under control.


Applications - Volume III, 2003

  I - Concepts and Practices for Determining Energy Savings in New Construction, 2003


International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol - 1997



North American Energy Measurement and Verification Protocol (NEMVP) - 1996


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